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Advice on frames that fit your face and your prescription - properly. For your best look and best vision

Direct insurance billing

We can direct bill many insurance companies

Welcome to Lifetime Vision Care

At Lifetime Vision Care, we offer second-to-none eye care and vision solutions for the whole family, for a whole lifetime. Our clinic is family friendly, so we can help with the cataract referral for your aging parent, or provide baby’s first eye exam. Whether our optometrists are using advanced imaging to diagnose macular degeneration, or are screening your child for vision-related learning issues, their combined experience of over 50 years will guarantee you get the correct diagnosis and help you need.

“We believe that in our convenience-driven world, people are missing out on the value of thoughtful, doctor recommended eye care solutions, paired with outstanding product and customer service. So we make it our mission to arm you with the knowledge to make insightful decisions about your eyes and vision solutions. Then we provide you with only the finest product. Best of all, just because your exam is complete or you’ve left with your new glasses, doesn’t mean we are done. We are here to keep helping… as long as you need us. We will stand behind our products and service - every time.” – Dr. Shannon Glitz

You know what else is important to us? Affordable and convenient solutions. We offer an on-site dispensary and an edging lab so we can conveniently make your designer glasses while you wait (because who doesn’t want their glasses the same day?!). You will get great products, at an affordable price and we’ll even direct bill your insurance company so you don’t have to!

Disclaimer about emergencies

Disclaimer about emergencies

If you are experiencing eye pain, loss of vision, flashes or floaters, double vision, swelling or sign of infection, please call us immediately at 519-284-1540. We will triage your concerns and determine how urgently you should be seen. If you feel you are experiencing a true eye emergency, please use your best judgement and attend the closest emergency room.

**Please do not email for urgent appointment inquiries.

Direct insurance billing (for participating providers)

Direct insurance billing

We can direct bill for services and glasses/contact lenses for the following participating insurance companies.

  • Green Shield
  • Great West Life
  • Sunlife
  • Manulife
  • Blue Cross
  • IA Financial Group
  • Desjardins
  • Johnson
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Cowan
  • Maximum Benefit